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Wizman 420 Rolling Paper + Grinder + Filters + Tray

Phuket High Times are official distributors of Wizman Rolling Papers!

Wizman Rolling is revolutionizing the 420 experience with their all-in-one design! 🔄 This isn’t just a rolling paper, it’s a complete toolkit.

Featuring King size slim 107*44 mm papers, each box contains 15 packs with 32 leaves and 32 tips per pack. The translucent ultra-thin rolling paper is all-natural hemp and additive-free for a clean, slow burn.

Each pack also includes a tray and grinder, making your rolling experience simple and relaxing, whether you’re indoors or on-the-go. 🚀

Widely recognized in the East Asian 420 community, particularly in China, Taiwan, and Japan, we’re inviting stores in Phuket to join the movement. 🌏