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Critical Mass Seeds

* The ordering process for Critical Mass seeds is done through our partners website via this link:

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*Fast delivery time usually within 48 hours in Thailand. 

* Pay via direct bank transfer ( Thai bank), cash on delivery or with Bitcoin.


Critical Mass, a cannabis strain, exhibits several notable attributes that position it favorably within the industry. With a relatively short flowering period, this plant showcases its exceptional capability to produce exquisite, dense buds coated in vibrant trichomes, emanating a pleasantly sweet aroma. Its resilience allows it to thrive even in challenging environmental conditions. Consequently, Critical Mass is poised to satiate the preferences of discerning cannabis producers, while surpassing the highest quality standards cherished by cannabis enthusiasts.

This strain possesses a distinctive, strong perfume, setting it apart from others. Its smoking experience is exceptionally smooth, culminating in a sharp and sweet finish.


Thanks to its impressive 22 percent THC content, Critical Mass delivers a potent effect primarily centered in the body rather than the mind.


Key Characteristics of Critical Mass:

Gender: Feminized
Genetic Composition: 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
Strain Genetics: A cross between Skunk and Afghan varieties
Flowering Type: Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 45-50 days
Suitable Growth Environments: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Effect: Strong
Flavor Profile: Fruity
THC Content: 22%
Indoor: 600 grams per square meter
Outdoor: 650 grams per plant